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About Me

There are a lot of new faces here, so I wanted to take this opportunity to re-introduce myself. My name is India Blake Johnson and I am an author, photographer, actress, theater and dance enthusiast. I also enjoy practicing yoga and mindfulness, which are important aspects to remaining present in my daily routine and creative process. I have been a writer for most of my life. The need to express my feelings and put them into words I use as a tool for healing and deeper understanding. My first book, Captured, combines my two greatest loves- photography and poetry. In 2019 I published my next piece, Before the Curtain Goes Up. This book is a photographic journey behind the scenes of small-town theaters that shares intimate moments of preparation before a performance. Photography, for me, is a conduit in which to tell a story. I often find myself returning to a familiar place to take photographs. It reawakens awareness to my surroundings and gives me the space to appreciate the simple, yet significant occurrences of everyday life. Capturing beauty, whilst expressing a narrative that goes beyond the surface, are essential to a photograph that resonates with me. Art that lends itself toward contemplation allows one the room to dream- those are the kind of photographs I strive to create. While my style of photography is mostly documentary, I like to explore other techniques to expand upon my skill set. Traveling greatly inspires my photographs. Whether I am in a location abroad for an exhibition opening, or walking my dogs along the moors of Nantucket, I always have my camera on hand. I love to immerse myself into the various cultures and landscapes of the world. But the unique perspectives of what I see, or experience, are at the essence of what I try to capture.

Nature is another influence that inspires my creativity. I feel a true sense of peace when I am grounded and at one within the natural world. Reaching a scenic vista after a long hike or catching the golden hour as the sun begins to set, I find myself in deep gratitude and appreciation for the surrounding earthly beauty. Especially during this challenging year, I’ve found that being outdoors is the best medicine. In my downtime, I am always exploring other ways to create and make other forms of art. Painting is a passion of mine that I’ve found is my way to connect with my late father. I also love to read works by other writers and poets for inspiration. I find that I lean more towards melancholic pieces that allow for a more profound emotional connection. My favorite quote right now is: “We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails!” I am also enthusiastic about health and wellness. I genuinely believe this goes beyond just eating the right things and moving our bodies: it extends much deeper and is heavily impacted by our thoughts and emotions. This is why I am such an advocate for meditation to help with mental health. I’ll speak more about meditating and the different methods that I find are most helpful to balancing stress.

Thank you for reading and I hope you will follow along as I share more of my interests, passions, and personal intrigues with you. I would love to get to know all of you too, so please feel free to leave a comment telling me a little bit about yourself!

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