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Gypsy to the rescue

Gypsy to the rescue is India Blake's illustrated Children's book

"Gypsy to the Rescue is a tenderly narrated story of loneliness overcome by courage and love-- the "coming of age" of a German Shepherd orphan puppy who finds a home after a daring act of courage. Highly recommended for children (and parents) who love animals."

-- Joyce Carol Oates, best selling author 

"India Blake's book Gypsy to the Rescue, about a dog that finds a loving home after being adopted and passed along by a number of owners, shows that a rescue dog can indeed be heroic and worthy of love." 

-- Margery Cuyler, celebrate author of "That's Good! That's Bad!" 

"With a huge heart in the face of adversity, Gypsy is a rescue pup that we're all cheering for. The story of Gypsy and her heroics will resonate with dog lovers of all ages." 

--Leslie Albert, author of "Tilly the Troublemaker"



Captured is India Blake's first book of photography and poetry. 

"I found Blake's poetry quiet yet forceful - with an underlying mysticism that is also evident in her beautiful photographs." 

--Joyce Carol Oates

"With the eye of an artist and the voice of a poet, India combines landscapes of our lives, capturing in fresh vision that which we have missed before." 

--Gloria Vanderbilt

"Captured is the ideal balance between the marriages of image and line, resulting in the enchanting alchemy of photographs and words." 

--Joy Williams

India Blake Before the Curtain Goes Up.j


is a photographic journey behind the scenes of small-town theatres across the United States. 

"Preparation backstage can be just as exciting as an onstage performance, as proven by India Blake in her wonderful book of text and photographs. She is a marvelous talent. Her book should be read by every actor." 

-- Chita Rivera, Broadway Actress 

"India Blake's utterly delightful book combines the pictorial charm of small-town theateres with the seriousness of purpose of the actors who work in them. Ms. Blake perfectly captures not only the actors' devotion to craft but also the playfulness that makes their enormous effort so worthwhile." 

-- Tom Viertel, Broadway Producer

"India Blake has a true passion for the joy and purity of community theatre and some of the playhouses that have stood the test of time. Through her photographs and text, she embraces the love and dedication that actors have for performing. India, a wonderful photographer, lovingly communicates this passion to her readers. Well done." 

-- Michael Douglas, Actor/Producer 

"When I am on stage there is no past and no future, just the 'Now'. It is alive and spiritual. Elusive and fluid. But very real like India Blake's beautiful book." 

-- Amy Stiller

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