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Happiness Is Here, And Her Name Is Lucy

One of the best joys in life is in finding companionship, and pets are a most special kind of companion. This year, we found a new addition to our farm family, and I’m happy to introduce Lucy, the mini highland cow to you all. She came to us from Crosby Creek Farms in Minnesota, where Lucy was born on May 25 of this year. In her six months, she has been through quite a journey, and sharing the experience with her has brought a fresh perspective this season.

Fledgling animals are life in its rawest form, their unassuming minds saturated with the magic of constant discovery. There is no such thing as mundane when every single experience is still new. Getting even a small piece of that feeling is a rare bliss. The youthful curiosity of life is fleeting, and being able to recapture it even for a second reignites the soul and lets it stretch its legs.

Although our pasture here is not too different than the one she spent her first months on, for Lucy, it is like being on another planet. The flora and fauna on the farm and surrounding New Jersey wildlife are all new to her. Despite the adjustment, Lucy loves her new home and new animal friends. Throughout the move, Lucy has maintained her positive and effervescent disposition, and she is never happier than when one of us comes out to brush her.

Lucy’s brilliant, alabaster coat is long and shaggy, drooping around every bit of her like a weeping willow. Her ears, eyes, and nose contrast in jet black on her cartoonishly cute face. These features are a signature of the White Dexter pattern that is unique to her breed, and Lucy’s continuous color is an exceptional example. Her personality glows as brightly as her fur, shedding joy like a winter pelt in spring.

Carving out our own piece of paradise, a place free from the burdens of greater society, is increasingly difficult as the trappings of the modern world follow us to its every corner at all times. Lucky for Lucy, cows don’t use the internet. Animals live in the moment for every moment, and seeing the world through Lucy is a grounding force. Sharing the smell of the breeze, the sound of distant birds, and the grass against bare feet on a morning walk together brings a peace that can only be evoked through the silent wisdom of nature.

It won’t be long until Lucy experiences her first snow, which is bound to be enchanting. In the short time that she has been in our lives so far, Lucy has become embedded in our hearts, and it’s almost hard to imagine the farm without her. The kids come out to see her every morning, and I’m happy that they have each other to grow up with together. With the holidays in full swing, its great to know that the greatest gift has already come, and that she is here to stay.

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1 Comment

Dec 01, 2022

I love Lucy! I hope she's the star of your next book.

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